shop with scrip

We may not be on campus at the start of the year but we can still raise money for the band program!


  1. Click on the link

  2. Click on Join A Program

  3. Enter the Enrollment Code: 7BFD9EA969467

  4. Click Register

  5. Fill out the fields to create an account

    1. Enter username, create password and fill in address fields

    2. For Student Name, if more than one student, put both names

    3. Classroom: Wightman/Marching Band

    4. Create your security questions 1 and 2

    5. Click "Register"

    6. You will then be asked for a cell phone number and will get a verification code texted to you

    7. Enter the verification code

    8. Once you've logged in, you can start shopping!

  6. If you haven't paid all of your fair share, any money you raise will go to your fair share first!