Per district policy, all sports/band practices have been postponed until further notice for the safety of our students.


If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Wightman at




The following guidelines will apply to all groups that comprise the Highlander Marching Band & Color Guard.

  • All participating students must be cleared for athletic participation to attend practice. This will be checked on the Home Campus App.

  • Coaches will notify head coach (Wightman) at least one hour prior to practice if he/she can't meet health guidelines. To give time to notify students.

  • Coach will send out a google form to answer all monitoring questions 30 minutes prior to start of rehearsal.

  • Temperature will be checked for all students and coaches attending practice as they arrive. Any that are 100.3 or above will not be permitted to stay.

  • Music and all handouts will be uploaded to Google classroom for students to print prior to rehearsal. Students will be required to be spaced at least 6 feet apart from al participants.

  • Students must be wearing masks when not playing a wind instrument.

  • No physical contact with coaches.

  • Any equipment to be used by more than one student must be cleaned and sanitized prior to another student using it. The coach must clean the instrument/equipment.

  • No spectator allowed. Parents are to remain in their car during pickup.

  • Students will not be using the classroom for the summer. All students will need to bring their own equipment with them and leave with it at the end of rehearsal. However; the following are the exceptions to this:

  1. Percussionists will be permitted to pick up and return instruments to the room at the beginning and end of rehearsal.

  2. Tubas, baritones and ban saxs will be permitted to pick up and return instruments to the room at the beginning and end of rehearsal.

  3. The only music stands that can be used will be for percussion. They will be able to borrow one and use tape to put their name on it. They will only be permitted to use that one all summer. The name tag will stay in place and no one else will use that stand.